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Litquake's Lit Cast

Feb 9, 2021

This event is now available to watch on our YouTube page, along with the rest of our 2020 festival programming.

“Melchor’s English-language debut is a furious vortex of voices that swirl around a murder in a provincial Mexican town. Forceful, frenzied, violent, and uncompromising, Melchor’s depiction of a town ogling its own destruction is a powder keg that ignites on the first page and sustains its intense, explosive heat until its final sentence.” —Publishers Weekly

One of Mexico’s most promising and prominent writers, Fernanda Melchor has created, in her debut novel Hurricane Season, a Gulf Coast noir drawing comparisons to everyone from Faulkner to Bolaño and Marlon James. NPR has called Hurricane Season "a mix of drugs, sex, mythology, small-town desperation, poverty, and superstition." The Los Angeles Review of Books describes  it as "a novel that sinks like lead to the bottom of the soul and remains there, its images full of color, its characters alive and raging against their fate.” Beginning with the discovery of a corpse, by a group of children playing near the irrigation canals, a Mexican village is propelled into an investigation of how and why the murder occurred. Join Fernanda Melchor as she reads from and discusses her work, with novelist and professor Yuri Herrera, author of several works including the recent nonfiction book A Silent Fury: The El Bordo Mine FireFREE, $5-10 suggested donation